GAPFRAME in a Nutshell

The GAPFRAME is an easy-to-use data visualization tool designed to give practical support to everyone working towards a sustainable and safe future.

It is the culmination of 18 months’ work by a group of Sustainability Thought Leaders, driven by the desire to make it easier to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. The GAPFRAME translates the 17 Global Goals into relevant and measurable issues for each nation and presents them in a visual multi-dimensional world map.

The GAPFRAME introduces a target ‘safe space’ where we can all live well within the limits of the planet and maps the current state of the world against this target, highlighting the gap which needs to be closed in order to bring the world to a safe space.

The ‘safe space’ is presented in terms of 4 sustainability dimensions; planet, society, economy and governance, incorporating 24 underlying issues, tracked by a selection of 68 indicators using available data sources.

The tool provides a view of the current state of the world from the perspective of a country, region, issue and sustainability dimension, and includes a dashboard of related priority issues to close the gap to the safe space. The data behind the dashboards provides transparency and insight into the indicators used and an opportunity to deep dive into the details.

The GAPFRAME provides a concrete starting point for strategic discussion on sustainability and an effective decision making tool to help business, government and education to focus on activities that can produce the best outcomes in closing the gap and reaching a safe space for all.