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07/09/2017 4:18 pm  

Dan Morrison, one of the authors of the Global post has shed light on the side effects which plastic has for our health. Based on the research that was published on 5th of September, there has been significant plastic contamination found in the water consumed around the world. “This should knock us into our senses,” Muhammad Yunus (Nobel prize winner 2006) said in a statement in correspond to the recent findings.

Hence with our group we have dedicated ourselves to find a solution in order to recycle plastic waste that is lying around.

Last year, 19th National Congress of the communist party have published their strategy for the next 4 years of China. The focus of this strategy would be to transform China to a smart city.

Therefore, based on our research we have chosen Shenzhen, China as the first city to set up the plastic 3.0 factory. With the help of the government we will collect used plastic from public and transfer it to our advanced factory. Later on, with use of our machinery we separate the collected plastic into different piles based on how they have been made. Depending on the type of plastic we will turn them into oil or Flakes*.


Flakes will be like raw material that can be used by construction facilities to create anything they have in mind, such as bench or playgrounds.  





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