Land & Forest (Group 4)  


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07/09/2017 4:28 pm  

     Our group is Land and Forest. We decided to focus  on the issue of deforestation caused by cattle ranching, especially in the Amazonian Forest. 

     First, we studied the vicious circle of the relationship between deforestation and meat consumption. Our goal is to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption by 40 percent in order to preserve the Amazonian Forest. We decided on 40 percent because this is what is needed to to sustain the Amazonian Forest, prevent it's disappearance.

      We then decided to create an NGO in order to spread awareness regarding that issue, by creating a marketing campaign using billboards and social media. By promoting an eye-catching advertisement comparing, for example, a real burger with a vegan burger, this will lead the public to our website/mobile app, where more information will be provided regarding their differences, such as nutrition facts, diet advice and other more sustainable options.


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