People behind the GAPFRAME  


Hello. I was wondering who are the main people or organisations behind the GAPFRAME? Might you be able to help? Thank you in advance.


What a great question - thank you!

The people behind the GAPFRAME come from a Swiss cross-sector initiative called the Swiss Sustainability Hub (SSH), which includes great people from government & non-government institutions such as the WBCSD, WWF, IISD, Swiss Environmental Agency, universities and business schools including University of St. Gallen, EPFL, Business School Lausanne, as well as companies including Swisscom, Migros, Unilever, IKEA, and others. 

The GAPFRAME is a passion child of the Swiss Sustainability Hub in the sense that all these players so deeply cared for finding a pragmatic answer to the question of how we all can make a difference to the problems in this world, that we put our resources, time, energy and passion into translating the SDGs, the Agenda 21 and a great Swiss tool into a tool that offers clarity by country and region so that business and any other stakeholder, including engaged citizen, can act!

The GAPFRAME team concretely consists of Katrin Muff and Agnieszka Kapalka of the Business School Lausanne as well as Thomas Dyllick of the University of St. Gallen. Developing a tool of such complexity requires extensive expertise and input from many many others across a variety of fields. Beyond the SSH members, important contributing experts are: Andreas Hauser (Swiss Federal Office of the Environment & Nature FOEN), Mathis Wackernagel (Global Footprint Network), Andre Schneider, Bruno Oberle, Lorenzo Massa and Albert Merino-Saum (EPFL Switzerland), Mathias Binswanger (FHNW Switzerland), Mark Halle und Laslo Pinter (IISD), Sally Jeanrenaud (University of Exeter, UK), Basil Bornemann (University of Basel), Thomas Dyllick (University of St. Gallen), Christian Kobler, Doris Hauser and Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter (Forma Futura), Eckhard Plinke (Vescore), Alexander Barkawi (Oikos Foundation).

Do you feel you have expertise that would advance the GAPFRAME  in its next development? We would love your participation - simply let us know where your expertise is and we will record your interest for when we develop Version 2!


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