How does the GAPframe compare with Kate Raworth's Doughnut?  



  • How do their methodologies compare?
  • How does their usefulness and chance of political impact compare?
  • How do their support bases and chances of enlarging these compare?

Thanks for the question Wim, and apologies for the delay. We are very much hoping to have Kate participate to GAPFRAME Week in Lausanne in February. We look forward to two days of discussion around the GAPFRAME and Doughnut Economics where I will be sure to address you questions and share.

Dear Belinda,
I can imagine that you would to discuss such issues with Kate! But she is quite busy.
Have you already tried yourself to compare methodologies, usefulness, impact chances (performativity), support bases and growth prospects?
You may be interested in the book review of Doughnut Economics that I published meanwhile: We could consider publishing a response which presents and compares GAPframe. You can also respond in the comments there.
I'm also trying to interest Kate to publish on our website (of course). I suggested a double inerview with her and Branko Milanovic (about the tension between solving inequality with growth and ecological sustainability, on which their opinions differ). I did happen to mention GAPframe in my e-mail to her, because redrawing her doughnut 'inside out' (which would make it look like your GAFframe graphic) might help solve that tension. (She didn't respond yet.)


Hi Wim, your article is a nice read and I especially like the question what more do we need to make Dougnut Economics fly? That would be a great interview with Kate and Branko if you manage to catch their time.  We look forward to having Kate join us for two day in Feb for GAPFRAME week-Economics. It will be an open forum so why not join? 


Dear Belinda,

I don't feel you really answered my questions... (about comparability of GAPframe & Doughnut and about whether the people behind the GAPframe have already made comparisons like I've suggested).


Hi Wim, 

apologies, in answer to your question, we have not already made comparisons with the Doughnut, but as mentioned I will bring it up soon with the team.  Belinda


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